November 17, 2011

Second Level Store

*** Fundraising Item *** *The profit will be used for the work of Second Level Ministry.
Fundraising Item #1
" Morning Prayer "
Fundraising price

(about 1300 yen)
Fundraising Item #2
" Meal Time Prayer "
Fundraising price

(about 1300 yen)
Store Item 1: 「15 Step Lessons」/ $10.00 (Textbook in bilingual)
"15 Step Lessons ~ Developing a Foundation of Faith Built on Christ ~ " is a series of a Bible studies to help establish the basics of discipleship. It’s helpful for new believers and as well as older Christians who lack basic Christian training. The lessons are written in a bilingual form (Japanese and English) to be a resource to anyone involved in Japanese outreach who is not quite fluent in the language.
Bilingual e-book version(Kindle)
Store Item 2: 「15 Step Lesson Version B」/ $10.00 (bilingual)
This is a workbook of 15 Step Lessons (above with the purple grape cover). You can fill in the verses and answer to the questions. It is in bilingual in Japanese and English. Great resource for non-Japanese speaker missionaries as well.
Store Item 3: Identity in Christ / $10.00
This is a Bible study textbook for Japanese Christians.  The concept dealing with the identity in Christ is crucial for Christians to grow and become disciples of Christ! (The contents are all in Japanese.)
Store Item 4: Living as a Disciple of Christ $10.00
This is a Bible study textbook in Japanese. This is to provide a Scriptural look at the heart of disciples of Christ ... a look at the priorities that drive their lives. 8 Chapters 1. Live in the Spirit 2. Live in Truth 3. Live by Faith 4. Live in Hope 5. Live in Love 6. Live for the Kingdom of God 7. Live for the Eternal 8. Live for the Glory of God
Store Item 5: Bilingual Scripture Memory Cards:Food for the Soul and Heart/ $7.50
Bilingual Scripture Memory Cards
~ Food for the Soul and Heart
*Great selection of key verses in your walk
*Convenient size that you can put it in wallet
*Printed bilingual
*Organized by 10 different topics
*Includes a sample chart to jot down the observations and applications
Store Item 6: ロバ印聖書通読表 レザックシリーズ3冊セット / $5.50
Store Item 7: ロバ印聖書通読表 マーメードシリーズ3冊セット / $5.50

Store Item 8: Social Issues Facing Modern Japan $10.00
This is a book that you can learn about Social Issues in Japan. "A variety of factors, from globalization to an increase of women in the workforce to a dissatisfied younger generation are contributing to a rapidly changing society. And these changes are bringing with them new social issues that Japan is struggling to deal with as they try to maintain their traditional culture in an increasingly globalized society."
Store Item 9: Barefoot Gaijin : Loving Japan Without Losing Myself $8.00
This book is exploring Japanese culture. "Throughout the fourteen years in Japan, Anne Crescini has struggled with trying to fit into Japanese society, but not lose her identity in the process."
Store Item 10: Scripture Greeting Cards 5x7 size (12x18cm ) $7.00
Blank inside. You can send a warm message with the beautiful paining along with the Bible verse!
* Gross coating
* Genesis 12:1-2 、Psalm 1:1-3
* 3 cards for each design, 6 cards in total
Store Item 11: Scripture Greeting Cards 3x5 size (8x12cm) $5.00
Blank inside. You can send a warm message with the beautiful paining along with the Bible verse!
* Matt coating
* Matthew 6:26、Proverbs 17:17
* 3 cards for each design, 6 cards in total
Item 12: Second Level ★Tote Bag/ $9.99 (size 30cm x 30cm)
One Size
Item 13: Men's T-Shirt/ $12.99 (size: M, L, XL)
Item 14: Women's T-Shirt/ $12.99 (size: S, M, XL)