August 23, 2011

Who We Are and What We Believe

Purpose of of Second Level Ministry

Second Level is a ministry to support the spiritual growth of Japanese Christians - the process of becoming a disciple of Christ, based on the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2.   

Our vision is to see disciples being multiplied: Disciples of Christ multiplying themselves by making disciples. 

Our ministry is to provide spiritual support for those who have been saved, and those who disciple others. In the daily process of becoming Christ-like, we value the ‘personal’ and ‘intentional’ approach.

*** Second Level offers Bible studies which are useful for disciple making, in addition to mentoring and spiritual encouragement, providing helpful resources and opportunities to connect to local churches. We also plan conferences, Bible study trips, seminars and other events for young Christians.

*** This ministry isn't a replacement of the church, but rather in order that the church can grow. Our resources, "The 15 Step Lessons" and "Living as a Disciple of Christcan be used in churches for Bible study. In order that each individual believer has firm roots in Christ, we focus on discipleship.


Unity by Statement of Faith

Although we come from churches with various circumstances and backgrounds, we work for the above purposes through the advancement of the greater church body, with unity based on the Statement of our faith.

*** Statement of Faith Click here.


Core Values of Second Level Ministry

1:一人一人が主に栄光を帰す「真のキリストの弟子」となるために、主が求めておられる生き方と信仰のあり方を求める。キリストだけを見上げ、キリストのように変えられ、神を体験していくことを求める真の信仰形成をめざす。 (ヨハネ15:8, Colossians 1:10 )

2:神の御言葉に忠実である姿勢を大切にする。妥協せず、真実に生き、そして他者にも御言葉を曲げずに真理を伝えていく。(John 14:21, II Timothy:15)

3:方法論ではなく、御言葉と愛の実践によって、真の礼拝者となるキリストの弟子を育てる。(第二テモテ4:2 )

− 弟子造りは、型にはめた方法論によってなされるものではなく、様々な方法と個々の関わりの中で、キリストに倣っていくことを励まします。キリストのように隣人を愛し、仕える者となり、また真実を伝えていく(教える)ことを目指しす。神様がユニークにお造りになったお一人一人に、異なった主との出会いがあり、異なったニーズがあり、異なった成長の過程があります。本当の意味で「隣人を愛す」ために、主の愛による癒しと解放、そして御霊の働きによる成長を、個々の必要にあった形で促すことを私達は大切にしています。

4:すべてのクリスチャンが、自分の周りにいる者達も弟子化されていくために(spiritual multiplication)、真理を継承するよう励ます。(第二テモテ2:2)

5:すべては聖霊の導きのもと促される働きだと確信し、神様のご計画と働きに委ね捧げていく。 (ピリピ1:6、2:13、ヨハネ17:6-11)

History of Second Level Ministry

By Wayne Smith



My wife and I started hosting Japanese students for a homestay program in 1996. As we would host I would talk to students who came on the program and were Christians (usually not our student). I talked with them and asked what was the biggest problem or need they had as Japanese Christians. Most of the time they indicated that growing as a Christian was difficult and there was no network of friends to be with and grow as a Christian.

The Lord began to burden my heart to deal with this problem and other needs too. I knew that many young Japanese used the internet so a website to provide lessons and such for Christian growth seemed the way to go. I knew the website would have to be interesting and stimulating. It would need to provide many subjects of interest on the website to accomplish this. But I also knew that activities outside the website would also be necessary. This would include seminars for Christian growth that included fun activities.

As I built the website I relied on God to guide me in the right direction. I knew that I would have to have someone Japanese, guided by the Holy Spirit, to take it over when I had built a basic platform for them. This took much longer than I anticipated; in fact I began to feel like maybe the Lord didn’t want the ministry to grow. Mayumi(who is currently serving as a president)’s passion for discipleship and evangelism was an answer to prayer to take the helm of Second Level Ministry.