August 2, 2011

First Level

Bible is truly the word of God!
Who is God?
Who is human?
What is sin?
What is the cross of Jesus?
What is salvation?

In this section we have provided foundational topics about understanding Christianity for people who are not yet Christians. Of course, Christians can also utilize these as foundational learning. These are divided by subject, such as the truth of the Bible, God, Christ's cross, and salvation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



Mayumi Pohl


First Level and Second Level


First Level - the process of encountering to the Gospel

1 Awareness of supreme being, no knowledge of Gospel

2 Initial awareness of Gospel

3 Recognition to the basic concept of Gospel

4 Grasp implications of Gospel

5 Positive attitude towards Gospel

6 Personal problem recognition

7 Decision to act

8 Repentance and faith in Christ

This person is now born again in Jesus Christ.


Second Level - Christian Growth

1 Post-decision evaluation

2 本当の意味での福音に対する理解 (悔い改めによって、十字架の愛とゆるしに戻り続ける)

3 知識、そして生活態度においての成長(聖霊によって変えられる)

4 Communion with God

5 Stewardship

6 福音伝道、また弟子訓練の提供(他者への霊的な働きかけ)

It is God's will that we accept the Gospel and be saved. It is also God's will that all Christians reproduce the spiritual fruit. Being saved is a true start in our life. We pray that Second Level ministry is used for many new Christians to establishthe foundation of their faith.

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